Company Overview

xThink Inc. was founded in Round Rock, Texas and has a daughter company xThink Deutschland GmbH in Wolgast, Germany. The primary goal of the venture is to develop an intelligent problem solving environment that is based on a new programming paradigm called Intelligent Recognition Programming.

The first products based on Intelligent Recognition Programming are xThink Calculator and MathJournal.

xThink is currently working on an interactive program for the Tablet PC that provides a natural and intuitive environment for solving mathematical and engineering problems. The program will recognize, interpret and provide solutions for handwritten or hand-drawn mathematical and engineering constructs such as numerical formulas, functions, equations, systems of equations, optimization routines, differential equations, integrals and symbolic operations.

The type of Intelligent Recognition Programming being developed by xThink is well suited for mathematics problems but will soon be expanded to encompass other classes of problems that can benefit from this paradigm.

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