Interactive Journal for Math

MathJournal is an interactive program for the Tablet PC that provides a natural and intuitive environment for solving mathematical and engineering problems.

MathJournal recognizes handwritten mathematical expressions, and then displays a list of relevant solution types to the user. Whenever possible MathJournal gives the option to plot an expression.

MathJournal comes in two editions: MathJournal and MathJournal Classic.

Features of both editions are:
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Ability to save MathJournal pages as images (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .png, .wmf or .emf)
  • Ability to paste images into MathJournal files
  • Pen button support
  • Scientific constants predefined and available in the Definitions tab
  • Enhanced printing capabilities
  • Numerical precision of 16 digits
  • Animation control (for an example see our videos)
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Vista

Features that are available only in MathJournal and NOT in MathJournal Classic:
  • Advanced functions
  • Matrices
  • Console export/import
  • Sums and products
  • Vectors
  • Complex numbers
  • LaTex support
  • Web page export

Students and professionals benefit from using MathJournal:
  • Math students deepen their understanding by displaying graphical, numerical, and symbolic solutions for their work.
  • Engineers and scientists are freed to do a wide range of PC-based number-crunching and design with only a pen and a tablet.

Click on the screenshot to see xThink's technology solving real-life problems.

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