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xThink Products Feature Comparison

xThink products differ as listed below. Choose the product that meets your needs for pen-based math:

Windows only: Currently xThink products run on the Windows operating system only. Specifically, xThink supports all pen input modes on Windows XP and higher (digital pens, USB touch pad, electronic whiteboards, and Windows for Tablet PC).

Trait xThink Calculator MathJournal
Purpose Generate numeric solutions; equivalent to a basic scientific calculator. Provide all the functionality of MathJournal Classic, plus a greatly expanded function library (including matrix operations), expanded symbol recognition (including Greek letters), the Console control for keyboard-based math, and much more.
Function library About 20 basic scientific functions, such as log and sin. Numerical outputs only. About 150 basic and advanced functions. Numerical, symbolic, and plot outputs.
Keyboard-based math (to supplement pen-based math) No. Yes. See the Console control. You can run more than one Console control in the MathJournal workspace, for intensive keyboard-based mathematics.
Gestures Check and scratch out enabled by default Check and scratch out disabled by default. Select Gestures in the Options menu to enable. Gestures are also available in 2D Plots.
MathML output No. Yes, in the MathML tab.
Text Logging No. Yes, in the Text tab.
Ink color Input: black
Output: blue
Annotations: red
Highlighting: yellow
User defined.
Note: Configure the pen and highlighter settings to custom values.
(In other words, defining values to reuse in multiple mathematical expressions.)
Copy and paste any existing expression into a new expression.
Save an xThink Calculator (.xtc) file that contains expressions that you want to remember and reuse.
Same. In addition, formally define constants, intervals, and functions.
Also, save a MathJournal (.xtm) file that contains expressions that you want to remember and reuse.

Unique features offered in MathJournal Multimedia

Note: MathJournal Multimedia 2.1 is a special version of MathJournal 2.1 for distance learning and distance working.
  • Sound control to embed audio messages in a MathJournal file
  • Movie control to embed videos in a MathJournal file
  • Export to Microsoft Outlook to send an HTML version of the MathJournal workspace directly to email.
  • "Open" item in the popup menu of the Text control to open Web pages, file paths, or launch commands directly from the MathJournal workspace.

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xThink Downloads and Samples

In this part you find the latest downloads for xThink products.
By downloading our software, you are agreeing to the licensing terms specified in the
xThink Software Evaluation License Agreement.

The currently available downloads for xThink Calculator are:
The currently available downloads for MathJournal are:

Example files for solutions to our MathJournal pages. They can be directly loaded into MathJournal.


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