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NEW: MathJournal 2.1
Regular $249; Student $119

NEW: MathJournal Multimedia 2.1
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UPGRADE: from MathJournal Classic to MathJournal
Regular $100; Student $50

UPGRADE: from MathJournal 1.1 to MathJournal 2.1 (details below *)
Regular $69; Student $39

* If you own MathJournal and would like to upgrade, do this:
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2. xThink will call you to arrange your upgrade purchase.
You will be charged $69 for the upgrade; $39 if you are a student.

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Invoice for German customers

For German customers it is now possible to order xThink Calculator and MathJournal MM by invoice (in Euro) directly from xThink Germany. Please click here and leave your contact information.

Deutschen Kunden ist es jetzt möglich xThink Calculator und MathJournal per Rechnung zu bestellen (in Euro). Bitte hinterlegen Sie Ihre Kontaktinformationen auf unserer Kontaktseite.

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Orders received at xThink will get an email response with instructions for downloading and activating the software within the next business day.

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