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The following list of Frequently Asked Questions covers almost all of the problems that xThink customers encounter.

If you do not find a solution in this list or if you have any general questions, please contact us at info@xthink.com. For faster technical support, please describe the problem thoroughly, and let us know the type of computer and operating system that you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Does xThink technology run on iPad and Android tablets?
Yes, the beta version of the new xThink Math App is progressing nicely. A preview slide show is provided here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWNumQy_BuU. Tell us via email if you would like to be notified about the release xThink Math App: support@xthink.com.

Do xThink products, such as MathJournal, run on Windows 7? And how about 64-bit Windows 7?
xThink staff and xThink customers successfully run the product on Windows 7, including the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

The Key Code that I received for either xThink Calculator or MathJournal does not work.
The Key Code that you receive is personalized to your Name and E-mail address. Therefore when you enter the Key Code, and you must also enter the same Name and E-mail address that you used in the xThink Registration portal. Ensure that no extra blank spaces exist between words or at the end of text that you enter.
If you need a different Key Code please contact us.

Can I run Calculator or MathJournal on my non-Tablet PC system?
Yes. You can install and run both Calculator and MathJournal on laptops and desktops that run Windows XP. The following features are absent on non-Tablet PC systems:
  • Gestures and title ink strokes are not enabled.
  • Recognition of mouse strokes can be less accurate than recognition of pen strokes on Tablet PCs.
Note: Many xThink customers connect their non-Tablet PC computer to an external Wacom tablet and pen, and successfully use Calculator and MathJournal.

I’m having some trouble with recognition of my handwritten math problems.
If you have problems with recognition, we recommend that you consult the online help. The videos and animations can be especially helpful. The most important writing tips are provided in the Guidelines for optimizing recognition topic.

MathJournal questions

Every time I solve a problem, I see a prompt to save an XHT file.
You can discard this XHT file by clicking Cancel in the prompt window.
MathJournal generates XHT files that contain MathML code for the equations that you write. Certain Internet browsers, such as Firefox, add a new MIME type to the Windows operating system for XHT files. Firefox registers itself as the handler for XHT files, and intercepts transactions for XHT files.
Choose one of the following options to eliminate this problem:
OPTION 1 (Recommended): Install a plugin to enable the XHT/MathML files to be rendered as typeset equations in the MathML tab of MathJournal. xThink recommends that you install the free MathPlayer plug-in from Design Science, Inc.: http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathplayer.
OPTION 2: De-select (uncheck) Options>Show MathML in Internet Explorer. This action disables the rendering of MathML in MathJournal.

I receive the following error when viewing MathJournal's MathML output: "The XML page cannot be displayed."
The MathML tab in MathJournal contains a simplified Internet Explorer browser. This browser displays MathML, if a MathML plug-in is installed on your operating system. Otherwise, you see the message, "The XML page cannot be displayed." There are a number of MathML plug-ins for Internet Explorer available on the Internet. MathJournal was successfully tested with the free MathPlayer plug-in from Design Science, Inc.: http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathplayer.

MathJournal fails to launch on Windows Vista or Windows 7, and I get an error similar to this:
0x80040154 - "Class not registered"
This error occurs when Windows User Account Control (UAC) is disabled during installation of MathJournal. Without UAC, not all MathJournal components are registered correctly. Please uninstall MathJournal, enable UAC in the Windows Control Panel, and then install MathJournal again.

When I change my Tablet PC to landscape orientation, the MathJournal window stays in portrait mode, and cannot be made wider.
MathJournal sets the page width according to the desktop width when you launch the product. MathJournal behaves as follows, when you change screen orientation:
  • Open MathJournal in Landscape mode. Change to Portrait mode. The window successfully adjusts to Portrait mode.
  • Open MathJournal in Portrait mode. Change to Landscape mode. The window retains its width from Portrait mode.
  • Create a file in one Tablet PC. Open the file in another Tablet PC that has a different desktop width. The window retains its width from original Tablet PC.

I launch MathJournal and see a message similar to this:
The specified module could not be found.(Exception from HRESULT:0x8007007E)
at bi.a()
at bi.ctor()
at bs.Main():
You must install Version 1.1 of the .NET Framework, which is provided here by Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=262D25E3-F589-4842-8157-034D1E7CF3A3&displaylang=en.

Can I be a reseller of xThink products?
Yes. Feel free to send a proposal to sales@xthink.com. Describe your sales projections and target markets. xThink can send a proposed pricing structure.

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