Using xThink Calculator App

Basic steps

The four mode buttons

Operate Write Erase Select
Pinch to zoom. Press and drag to pan.
o Addition (at 7-second mark)
o Calligraphy (at 10-second mark)
Math button: Write and solve calculations.
Annotation button: Write annotations.
See Home Page videos and screen captures.
Erase the strokes you have written. (Tap Clear to erase all strokes.) Select strokes, then,
1. Tap Solve to run calculation for only those strokes.
2. Press and drag to move the selected strokes.

Confirmation text box

  • The Confirmation text box shows what the calculator has recognized, and shows the solution. New users should check this text often to see: "Is my writing correctly recognized by the App?" Also, you can select and copy the text that is in the Confirmation text box.

  • Examples

  • Click to see the Home Page videos and screen captures. Try to do these calculations yourself!

  • Settings

  • Go the Settings page for xThink Calculator app. There you can set,
    o Decimal Precision: Choose how many decimals to show in your solutions.
    o Angle Unit: The default setting of Degrees serves most calculation needs. Radians are available for special problems in trigonometry.

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